Saturday, July 2, 2016

Version 0.5 of the rules released!

The setting for the version 0.5 update of the rules was Talavera.  This version has a slight updated to combat resolution which makes outcomes more "push" rather than "destroy."  In brief, whoever scores the lower number of HITS in a combat is considered the loser, and both sides lose that number of stands.  (There is always a one-stand minimum loss, unless both players fail to score a single HIT.) The difference between the number of HITS is used to calculate a retreat distance.  Each difference creates 6" of retreat.

For example, if I score two HITS and my opponent scores five HITS, we'll each lose two stands (the lower of the two numbers), and as the player who scored fewer hits, I will have lost the combat.  The different in the number of HITS is three (five minus two), and so I will retreat 18" away from the enemy (3 x 6").

If a player is forced to retreat through other Units, they receive a Fatigue marker.  If a Unit is forced to retreat through impassable terrain or off of the table, it is eliminated.

You can find a link to this latest version of the rules at the Rules page.  Link is at the bottom of the blog, or you can find them here.

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