Saturday, November 14, 2015

Battle of Quatre Bras after action report

We used the v0.4 version of the rules which makes close combat a bit more deadly.  There is less opportunity to retreat as a combat result, but it may be a little too deadly now.  Maybe a bit more tuning.

Dave and Brad played the French and drove hard up the main north-to-south road toward Quatres Bras.  The Guard Light Cavalry division led the way, clearing out most of the 2nd Netherland Division led by Perponcher.  This unfortunate division was entirely destroyed, nearly all by the GLC. The GLC finally burned itself out just east of Quatre Bras.  It has accumulated 7 fatigue markers, and the Iron Duke was able to disperse the unit with a well-timed king of clubs card.

However, by this point the Brunswickers had invested the crossroads and were fighting hand-to-hand with Kellerman's heavy cavalry.  Picton's division was keeping one of Reille's divisions pinned, and it looked like it would be a near-run thing.

The climax of the battle took place at 7pm when Reille got a little too close to the front lines, and a stray artillery shell left him wounded and dazed.  With the loss of his I Corps commander, Ney was too overburdened to control his army, and the French attack stalled, and then withered.  The French fell back from the crossroads just as two fresh British divisions arrived to secure the critical position.

The British - played by Marc and Cheatin' Bob - successfully traded space and troops for time, and were able to stop the French.

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