Sunday, November 8, 2015

Battle of Quatre Bras

This weekend we'll be fighting the Battle of Quatre Bras.  The French, led by Marshall Ney, attack with Reille's II Corps and Kellerman's IIIC Corps.  Opposing them are a mix of forces from Britain, Hanover, Nassau, Brunswick, and the Netherlands led by the Prince of Orange and Wellington.

The view from the south of Quatre Bras looking north.  The cavalry of the II Corps is in the front to the right.  One of the divisions of the II Corps is next to it, and another is back with Ney. 
French far left.  The Guard Light Cavalry appears, but the terrain around Quatre Bras is heavily wooded.  How effective will they be? 
In the distance in the center of the picture the French see a brigade of the 2nd Netherlands Division guarding the approaches to Quatre Bras. 
The cavalry of the II Corps is not well-positioned.  A brigade of Nassau infantry sits behind the town. 
The overall situation.  Quatre Bras is the town at the crossroads in the deep center of the picture. 
The view from the southeast.  Note the streams and woods making an attack from this direction more easy to defend. 
The Iron Duke is on the hill on the left.  Nassau and Dutch infantry along with two batteries of Dutch artillery are all that stand between Ney and his objective. 
The Prince of Orange is near Quatre Bras. 
A brigade of Dutch cavalry are in the distance, approach Quatre Bras from the northwest.  They are just barely within the command radius of the Prince of Orange. 
Bird's-eye view of the opening moves in the battle.  French are to the top of the picture. 
The dense woods to the west of Quatre Bras.

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