Sunday, October 11, 2015

Battle of Friedland photos from the final session

The rear of the French right.  Most of the troops have crossed the bridge over the Millstream near Posthenen.

The front of the French right.  Ney's Corps is pushing into Friedland, but was unable to clear any of the town before nightfall. 
Friedland is garrisoned by the Russian 1st (GUARDS) Division, and there is a Cossasck brigade heading through the town towards the French lines. 
The French left.  They managed to retake Heinrichsdorf, but have not made much progress beyond that.  The Guard Corps is behind Heinrichsdorf. 
The Russian right and the French left lined up many batteries in the center of the battlefield and exchanged shells for hours. 
The Russian right.  There are several strong cavalry formations between the stream and Friedland plus some remnants of Uvarov's cavalry on the far side of the stream near the copse of trees. 
The Russian right has relatively little infantry support at this point, but is strong in both artillery and cavalry. 
The Russian 1st Division holds Friedland. 
Platov and his Cossacks stream toward the Alle River and Friedland.

Birds-eye view of Friedland.  North is to the top of the photo.  The town is very well defended to the north of the Millstream, and the town itself has the Guards division. 
The hill in the center had 10-12 total batteries on it at one point.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friedland final casualty report

The group finished the Battle of Friedland last night.  The Russians held onto the town of Friedland to earn a draw.  Bagration's wing was completely destroyed, but the 1st (Guards) Division, the remnants of the 14th Division, and the late-arriving Flying Corps under Platov managed to hold off a furious push by Ney's Corps.

Losses from the third and final session:

5 artillery batteries
3.000 cavalry
3,000 infantry

14 artillery batteries
4,000 cavalry
5,500 infantry

And total losses from all three sessions of the Battle of Friedland:

9 artillery batteries
11,000 cavalry
15,000 infantry

26 artillery batteries
16,500 cavalry
28,500 infantry

Lannes' Reserve Corps and Grouchy's Cavalry Corps were severely mauled.  Bagration's wing was annihilated.  The other Russian wing was also pretty beat-up, but the French could not exploit the situation to drive into Friedland before the dark of night.

I'll upload some pictures of the final dispositions of the troops tomorrow.