Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Battle of Friedland casualty report : through the 11:00 turn

The Battle of Friedland is a 19-turn scenario.  The battle begins with the 06:00 turn, and ends with the 24:00 turn.

After the first six turns (06:00 through 11:00 turns) the casualties have been pretty heavy on both sides.  Overall the Russians have lost more troops, but only by a small margin.

French losses

  • 3 artillery batteries
  • 6,000 infantry
  • 6,000 mounted cavalry

Units destroyed

  • 1B/3rd Div/Res (Saxon)
  • 2B/3rd Div/Res (Saxon)
  • 1B/1st Heavy Cavalry Div/Res
  • Saxon HC Brigade/I
  • 1B/1st Dragoon Div/RC
  • 2B/1st Dragoon Div/RC
  • 9th Hussars Reg/RC

Officers removed

  • Res Officer (Lannes' ADC)
The French losses have tended to be entire units (e.g., all three of the major Saxon Units have been destroyed), and they have lost their edge in cavalry quantity and quality.  The number of eliminated medium and heavy cavalry stands have been very high.

Russian losses

  • 2 artillery batteries
  • 11,000 infantry
  • 4,500 mounted cavalry

Units destroyed

  • 1B/8th Div
  • 2B/7th Div
  • 3B/Advanced Guard (cavalry)
Russian losses have been pretty heavy amongst the infantry, but relatively few infantry brigades have been destroyed outright.  Many of the Russian infantry brigades are pretty mauled at this point.

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