Saturday, September 5, 2015

Battle of Friedland: 06:00 to 12:00

We started the Battle of Friedland on Friday 4, 2015.  Kyle, Dave, and Cheatin' Bob played the Russians. John and Marc played the French.

Situation after the 06:00 turn:

French dragoons have driven the Cossacks from the plateau near Heinrichsdorf.  Russian line infantry have filled the northern end of the town.

French Hussars are pressing a Russian line infantry brigade posted between the millstream and a less formidable stream to the north (bottom of the photo).

Mortier and his VIII Corps enter the battle.

The Saxon heavy cavalry has been destroyed, but the Saxon infantry brigades are holding strong.  A regiment of Hussars is the only thing that stands between the Russians and Posthenen.

The 1st brigade of the 3rd division (Saxon) of the Reserve Corps holds off the Russian Support Division and Advanced Guard, but at a heavy cost.

Situation after the 07:00 turn:

This elite Hussar regiment successfully fights off two Russian cavalry brigades.  The legend of the 9th Hussars begins!

Situation after the 08:00 turn:

The Russians finally destroy the 9th Hussars.

The Saxon infantry continues to hold, but is hard-pressed.

The Russian batteries repulse repeated charges of French cavalry just outside of Posthenen (bottom right).

Stalemate outside of Heinrichsdorf as both sides take heavy casualties.

The situation after the 09:00 turn:

The French VIII corps artillery deploys.

The Russian left wing cavalry mass near the Sortlack Wood.  

Repeated cavalry attacks have destroyed most of the Russian infantry in the center, but at a heavy cost to the French Reserve Cavalry Corps. 
Cheatin' Bob gets ready to advance Gallitzin's command.

The Russian 14th Division prepares to cross the Alle and move into Friedland.

The situation after the 10:00 turn:

The Polish infantry and cavalry of the French VIII Corps move in to stabilize the French right flank.

The rest of Mortier's VIII Corps holds on against determined Russian cavalry attacks.

Lannes' aide-de-camp is wounded during the battle forcing Lannes to take direct command of the Reserve Corps units one by one.  Many have been destroyed, and the survivors are forming near a hill just northwest of Posthenen.

A brigade of French grenadiers in Heinrichsdorf are all that is left of the French left flank. 
The situation after the 11:00 turn:

The Poles push back the lead elements of the Russian left.

But the Russian left is still pretty strong, and has a lot of artillery.

A huge Polish brigade occupies a town.

The remnants of the Reserve Corps form up.

The Russian 1st (Guard) Division smashes the last of the French grenadiers and occupies Heinrichsdorf.

An Emperor's-eye view of the battlefield as Napoleon approaches from the west.

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