Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Battle of Friedland, session II

We'e through the 19:00 turn of Friedland.  The Russians will not win this battle, but they have a very good shot of holding onto the town of Friedland and earning a draw.  The French losses earlier in the day -- in terms of ground and troops -- were heavy enough that the Russians have left themselves in a strong position.

During this session we had Brad and John as the French, and Dave and Cheatin' Bob returned as the Russians.

The French right after the arrival of Ney's VI Corps. 
The French right.  Victor's Corps is in front of Ney's, and they have pressed the Russians back beyond the Sortlack Woods. 
The French assault a line of Russian artillery batteries.  Some of the brigades are heavily fatigued, but there is not much of the Russian left with which to counter-attack. 
The French left.  They are close to Heinrichsdorf, but have not yet re-entered the town. 
The French left consists of the shattered remnants of the Reserve Corps plus the newly arrived Guard Corps.  Mortier's Corps is also present, but is at the rear. 
The French left.  Heinrichsdorf is in the foreground. 
The Russian right.  The force is very light on infantry, but strong in artillery and cavalry. 
Bird's eye view of the Russian right and Friedland.  The French seem unlikely to be able to force the river and enter Friedland on this flank before nightfall.  The Russian 1st (Guards) Division is occupying Friedland. 
Russian right.  Note the artillery in the center. 
Platov's Flying Corps has entered the map and is on the east bank of the Alle River, and is approaching Friedland. 
The Russian left is pretty thin.  The Support Division is gone, and most of the other divisions of this wing have been either destroyed or nearly destroyed. 
Russian left. 
The artillery batteries on the Russian right should be able to pivot left on the hill to support the beleaguered Russian left wing. 
There isn't much left of Osterman's 2nd Division other than a line of artillery batteries.  They will soon be overrun, but they may take out a few French companies as they go! 
The Russians have committed their reserve -- the 14th division -- to the left wing to support Bagration's mauled command.

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